Half-Day Program


The Half Day Program is a traditional preschool designed for those families who desire a ‘school-year calendar classroom’ environment.  The foundation for our program is Christian based, sharing the love of Jesus with each child.  Helping them to know and feel the love of Jesus for them and everyone in their own uniqueness.

We offer an integrated curriculum of language arts, math, science, history, art, and movement/music along with methods adapted from the Core Knowledge Sequence of Learning for Preschool. “A program outlining a comprehensive and coherent progression of knowledge and skills in all development areas…emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. “Will provide a strong foundation of knowledge for success.

All activities are designed so that the child actively participates in the learning experience and encourages independence that inspires your child’s individuality and creativity.

Little Saints Half Day Program creates a curriculum following a theme of the week and subject matter throughout the school year taught in each class, developed by the teacher, to meet the learning level of each age group.

Little Saints Half Day Program addresses the development of both new and ongoing skills, as well as introducing and/or reinforcing specific skills that are developmentally appropriate for each age group and or child.  Please see the classes which are offered below and select the class that would best suit your child’s age and needs.


Half-Day Program Preferences

Schedule (Note: All classes are 3 hours) :

2 – days/week (T & Th, 3/4 yrs)
8:25 – 11:25am
*Child must be three years of age and toilet trained.

3 – days/week (M – W – F 4/5 yrs)
8:25 – 11:25am
*Child must be four by 9/1.

Step – Up:
3 – days/ week (M – W – F 4/5 yrs)
12:20 – 3:20 pm
*Child must be five by 2/1

5 – days/week (M – F 4/5 yrs)
12:20 – 3:20pm
*Child must be five by 2/1

*Check the appropriate box on enrollment form of class enrolling your child in.  Include a $100 registration fee.
Tours are given daily per request.