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Spelling pretests will be given on Mondays. If a student passes this test with 100%, then they do not have to take the final test. Final tests will be given on Fridays (unless otherwise noted). All Spelling work will need to be handed in on the day of the Spelling test. All students are required to complete the work, regardless of passing the pretest. Even when a student receives 100% on a test, it is important for them to have the experience of working with the word through different activities.


This week's memory verse


Please check back here by August 28 for Memory Work.


Kid writing

3rd graders will work on continuing to learn how to write in cursive through practice pages.

4th graders will do a review of cursive writing at the beginning of the school year. They will be allowed to print on their assignments at the beginning of the school year. In January, 4th graders will be required to write in cursive for all homework assignments.

5th graders are required to write in cursive for all homework assignments all year.

Read this article to see how beneficial it can be to the brain!

What Learning Cursive Does for Your Brain



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