Student Council

Student Council
The purpose of St. Paul’s Lutheran School is to spiritually and academically develop an inquiring mind that asks questions, seeks answers, challenges, recognizes change, and continues lifelong learning. Guided by Christian principles students grow academically, morally, socially, and spiritually.
THE PURPOSE of the SPLS Student Council is to guide student leaders to develop Christian character and leadership, so they can make a difference in their school and beyond.

The SPLS Student Council is a one year commitment in which students will provide initiative and be the planners of school wide events. Students will also be responsible for planning and implementing social events and service projects for the middle school. These events help define our community and reflect God’s desire for our lives.

A middle school instructor will serve as advisor for the Student Council. Another faculty member may help to assist. Mr. Strickland will be the advisor this year.

• All students of the middle school are eligible to run for Student Council
• A “Letter of Intent” (Permission Form) needs to be completed.
• You will be a model of a Christian student to the entire student body. You will need to carry the responsibilities of being on Student Council along with good performance in your academics and extracurricular areas.

• Students will campaign for Student Council. A poster can be made not to exceed 14 inches by 22 inches (half the size of standard poster board).
• Nominees will be expected to deliver a speech in front of the school. Do not make campaign promises to entice voters. Focus your speech on “what makes you a good leader.” Tell students why you are a better leader than those running against you.
• When the speeches are completed, students will then vote for the positions with the winner being announced the following day.

Students, who do not conduct themselves as good examples of Christian leadership, will find themselves removed from office. Students who cannot carry out their functions/duties will be removed from office. You are models for the school, as a whole, to follow. Academic expectations for extra-curricular participation apply to members of the Student Council.

Once members of the Student Council have been picked, they will meet to assign positions. A President and Vice President will be picked from the 7th or 8th grades. A Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations team will be picked from any of the grades involved. Those students not holding office will serve in an advisory capacity in running the Student Council.
• PRESIDENT – The President is responsible for running the council meetings. An agenda will be typed and given to the advisor(s) the morning of council meetings. If there is no agenda, there will be no meeting that day. The agenda will be dated and list the calling of the meeting to order, the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting, the treasurer’s report, and a listing of new business.
• VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President assists the President in the running of meetings and will lead them in his/her absence. The Vice President will assume the presidency in the event that the President resigns or is removed from office.
• SECRETARY – The Secretary will take minutes of the meetings. A copy must be provided at the next meeting. It will be read by the Secretary at the start of the meeting.
• TREASURER – The Treasurer will keep track of the funds available in the Student Council Account. He must keep a journal during the course of the year. One will be provided and passed on to the following year’s members.
• PUBLIC RELATIONS – This group of people will be in charge of putting student council announcements in church and school newsletters, make posters and fliers for events, etc.

Student Council meetings normally will be conducted two days a month during lunch periods. Extra meetings may be necessary for planning some events. The faculty advisor(s) will be present as well.
Being a member of Student Council is an extra-curricular activity and requires a commitment of your time. It may require work before or after school or during your lunch/recess time.

As a member of the Student Council, you are expected to attend all meetings. You are also expected to assist with carrying out the projects that occur during the course of the school year. Members of the Student Council will be at the social gatherings that are scheduled as well. The faculty adviser(s) also will be at these events.
Service Projects, throughout the year, need to be publicized and run by the Student Council. They must be approved by the faculty advisor(s), teaching staff, and principal. A list of possible service projects are: Clean-up School chruch, Thanksgiving Food Drive (early November), visiting shut-ins/nursing homes, and Feed My Starving Children (Fall and Spring).


SETUP AND SUPERVISION: Faculty and staff of St. Paul’s Lutheran School will chaperone middle school dances. These events are open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of St. Paul’s Lutheran School. Student Council members will plan, set up, decorate, and clean up after the event. At least one or more supervisors need to be present while you are setting up and cleaning up after events.

MUSIC: Students will be asked to list 5 songs that they want played on a Song Request Form. Parents will be asked to review the songs, listen to the lyrics, and sign the Song Request Form saying the songs are appropriate. DJ’s for dances need to adhere to our guidelines. Only appropriate songs will be played. Nothing objectionable will even be considered.

DRESS: Proper student attire must be worn to student functions, and school dress code applies. If student is not dressed according to dress code, child will call home for a change of clothes.

FOOD/BEVERAGES: Students will provide snack and beverages for dances as assigned.

The Student Council makes announcements in the morning of each school day. They will do so as soon as the 8:40 a.m. bell rings. A schedule will be set up. Find out from the office and the principal what announcements need to be made. Begin with a greeting, announce events of the day, and let students know about upcoming events. End your announcements by telling the students to have a “good day and then lead into the pledges.

The Student Council needs to fund itself. Admission to social gatherings will be charged to students. Food/beverages, for fundraisers, needs to be purchased by the students. Receipts for these items should be given to faculty advisor(s) for reimbursement. Projects like sale of soda or candy need to be discussed and run. Other ideas can be discussed as to how to raise money for the Student Council. A portion of the funds raised by the Student Council will be donated to an appropriate project or organization.

Student Council Projects

Our first project was to build a Little Free Library at School!  We collected the supplies below and we built two libraries!

Mailbox post

1 sheet ¾ inch plywood

3 1X10s 10ft long

I piece of thin plexi glass

Screws- box of 1 ½ inch, box of 3 inch

1 quart of primer

1 quart of red paint

2 bags of post cement