St. Paul’s Foundation

St. Paul’s Foundation – Giving today and into the future

The St. Paul’s Foundation was founded in 1997. The current value of contributions is over $92,000. Our foundation is a pool of money set aside to grow over the years. The principal money contributed is kept in the foundation account and the interest made on that pool is disbursed to support the ministries of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School each year. The money donated never diminishes but the fund continues to grow with new donations. That way it will be there to help the ministries grow over the years.

For more information about how you can help the ministries of St. Paul’s grow feel free to contact one of our board members.
St. Paul’s Foundation Board of Directors
Tom Buckingham
Tom Hanson 651-248-1805
Verda Russo
Dale Stadstad

Giving through PushPay

PushPay is a reliable, safe way to put your stewardship plan into action. It allows you to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity into ongoing stewardship.  Because your gift is given consistently, you won’t need to play “catch-up” at year-end or worry about forgotten checkbooks, envelopes or missed Sunday offerings.  But you’re not the only one that benefits from giving online.  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year, less work for the volunteer counters, more efficient bookkeeping, and greater confidence in meeting our financial commitments.
Click here to start giving online through PushPay.